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On May 10th, 2020 like any other mother on Mother’s Day Chantelle Krupka wanted to spend some time with her 10-year old son. Unfortunately, Chantelle found herself engaged in an argument over text message with her former partner and father of her son, about whether her son could visit her that day. Some time later the police showed up at her door. The police were responding to a domestic call made by her ex-partner.

Both Chantelle and her current Partner Michael Headley were ordered to exit their home by the responding officers to speak with them, but that Chantelle was not under arrest. Neither Chantelle or Michael had threatened the officers and were unarmed! Chantelle and Michael exited the house to speak with the officers.

After Chantelle asked the officers to leave one of the officers drew a stun gun at her partner, Michael Headley, and told him to go back inside.

At that point the situation escalated. Both Chantelle and Michael were struck with stun guns. What happened next is that a female officer drew her handgun and shot Chantelle Krupka.

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) confirmed that two officers fired their stun guns and one officer fired a handgun.

Chantelle was brought to hospital and treated for her wound, while her partner Michael was detained for the night by police.

The Globe & Mail reported that In a statement, the director of the provincial Special Investigations Unit, Joseph Martino, said he had reasonable grounds to charge former police officer Valerie Briffa in the shooting of Chantelle Krupka on May 10th, 2020.

Vallerie Briffa has already resigned from Peel Regional Police, Mr. Martino said in a statement, which gave few details of what happened!

The SIU said Valerie Briffa was arrested on Thursday July 16th, 2020 and charged with


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criminal negligence causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon and careless use of a firearm. She was released on a promise to appear in court on Aug. 4 in Brampton and barred from having any weapons.

Police later seized cannabis and cash from the home of Ms. Krupka and Mr. Headley two weeks after the incident took place and charged them both to criminalize them and attempt to justify their use of force.

Ms. Krupka’s lawyer, Davin Charney, praised the SIU for dealing quickly with the case. He said Ms. Krupka’s ex, who is not Black, had tried to “weaponize police” against her in a similar way to the now-infamous case involving Amy Cooper, a white woman who called police in New York from a park to say a Black man was threatening her.

“That’s one of the ways systemic racism plays out in policing,” Mr. Charney said. “They rely on the anti-Black racism of police.”

Mr. Charney also said officers frequently tend to “overestimate” the threat posed by Black people.

Ms. Krupka has complained to the province’s civilian watchdog, accusing the officers involved of using excessive force, unlawful arrest and discreditable conduct. The complaint also points out the systemic racism by the Peel Regional Police.

The shooting follows numerous recent cases in Canada and the U.S. involving police killing or injuring of Black, Indigenous or mentally ill people. The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis sparked protests around the world and prompted calls to defund police.

“This case is just another example of police brutality and systemic racism in Canada – a phenomenon that we all need to acknowledge and fix,” says an online petition prompted by the Krupka shooting. “It can no longer be ignored by the people in power in this country.”

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