Jasper Brown – Purposeful

Grateful for every person who played a part in bringing this project to fruition, via words and/or deeds. I Jasper Brown wasn't sure if he had another one of these in him. An immense amount of thought, time, effort, anxiety and resources went into the cultivation and delivery of these songs. He truly thanks anyone who gives them a sincere listen. Looking forward to hearing more from Jasper Brown.

The tracks that stand out are Still, Prey, Essential, Paper, Ready, High, Gospel, My People, Better, & G.O.Y.A.

You can hear tracks from the Spicaso on Lockdown EP at www.allthewaylivehiphop.com

​​​​A. Burris Feat. MIC Johnson Jr., Hundoe Luck & Trel - Dirt or Die

​​​​Eff Yoo - Cusco Cocaine


"From The Soul" is a 19 track example of what Pandamonium is capable of production wise when he collaborates with some of the finest lyrical talent that the UK has to offer! Riddled with various styles, flows and signature Pandamonium boom bap flavoured beats and clever scratch hooks, this is one LP that we here at One Shoe Records are extremely proud to put our name to!

The tracks that stand out are Let Me Introduce Myself, The Wake Up, Pass It Around, Ugly, Mr Milver, Let Em Have It, From The Soul, Tick Tock, Over The Heads Of Pygmies, My People, The Music, Maze, At Your Disposal, Grown Man Business & I Ain't Got A Plan.

You can hear tracks From The Soul album at www.allthewaylivehiphop.com

​Tune in all day to www.allthewaylivehiphop.com beginning at 2:15 pm Eastern Standard Time to The Administrator Presents as Righteous Interviews 1/3 of the legendary rap group "The Sequence" Cheryl The Pearl.

A lot of new music from Rasheed Chappell & 38 Spesh, JORUN-PMC, High Caliber Music, Gillateen, Eff Yoo, Jasper Brown, LEX, Starker, Fred The Godson, Awon & Phoniks, Stretch & Bobbito, Wudan Swordsmen, Vino, RJD2, Robbie Diesol & Vonni, R.A. The Rugged Man, Westside Gunn, Killarmy, Knowledge The Pirate, The Bad Seed & Team Demo, D-Strong & Giallo Point, Tory Lanrz, Blaq Poet, Kool Kim aka N.Y.Oil, Intercontinental Kint, The Black Mavericks, Monday Night & Henny L.O., Kool Keith & Thetan, Fro Magnum Man, Serengeti & Kenny Segal, Daniel Son & Finn, Public Enemy Radio, Stove God Cook$ & Roc Marciano, Cas Metah and Blast Mega,  Rome Streetz, 4-Ize, Grafh,  Jaz-O, Supreme Cerebral & D.Mar, Jahi & Configa, Skank The Rap Martyr, Dru Ace, DJ Beanz, Charlie Smarts, Mayhem of EMS & Reckonize Real, Abu Velore, G. Fisher as well as Young Black & Gifted, RippMobb & a lot more...


Mondays- The Foundation with JayQuan

Tuesday- Boom Bap Only - G-Zon & Ronsha

Wednesday - HOP2THIS - DJ GrazzHoppa / Keep It Movin - DJ Droppa

Thursday - Pots & Pans - Snafu 76 aka G Spot

Friday - Faithful Fridays - Nat & Faith Walker

Saturday- The Administrator Presents - Righteous Allah

Sunday - Welcome to the Shot Club Podcast



Released May 1, 2020 JURUN-PMC is produced by Jorun Bombay and vocalized by Phill Most Chill. This 14-Track album also features JayQuan from The Foundation on “The Truth Is Forever”. This release also has a bonus track (Non-Streamable) exclusive to their Bandcamp page a Megamix edited by "The Azorean Rascals"

The tracks that stand out are Check Out This, Stay Back (Keep Your Distance), Yum, JORUN IT (Live On Air), Lower Your Expectations, Down With JORUN, Funky Fresh For '83, Rock The Party, The Truth Is Forever, MDM Freestyle (Live At Echo Park), Can't Hang With Us, Boom Box, Sammy Davis & Q.S.

You can hear tracks from the JORUN-PMC album at www.allthewaylivehiphop.com




Gillateen – CANY

Released April 20, 2020, CANY is when New York meets Toronto Canada! This collaboration between Gillateen & Frank Grizzly Fully produced by Toronto producer Frank Grizzly& Emceed by Rochester native Gillateen.

The tracks that stand out are Last Breath, No Forgiveness, Louie, Reality, Sickones, Cany Do It & King Gilly.

Other notable tracks are Run, Red Curry & Life Scars.

You can hear tracks from the CANY album at www.allthewaylivehiphop.com

Battle for Boston - Benzino Vs Edo G IG Battle


​​38 SPESH

A Burris - For My Listeners

For My Listeners the album by High Caliber Music & A. Burris is a 12-track release. It features guest appearances by DJ M-80, MIC Johnson Jr, Icegrill, Oowop, Volatile, Hundoe Luck & Trel. This release is produced by JD Riggz.

The tracks that stand out are For My Listeners, Boombox, Talk My Sh*t, You Know My Style, See Is The Hate & No Regrets.

Other notable tracks are Dirt Or Die, My Life, My Love Died & Therapy.

You can hear tracks from the For My Listeners album at www.allthewaylivehiphop.com

Jorun Bombay & Phill Most Chill JORUN-P.M.C. - THE CHAMP


You are tuned into The Administrator Presents


​​​​Mic Gutz - Make It Home


​​​​Vino featuring Mala Suerte - Moon Knight


​​​​Run The Jewels "Ooh LA LA" feat. Greg Nice & DJ Premier

The Art of Production


Spesh's musical style is highlighted by one of the most unique rapping voices in the game and his strong punchlines. Check out his Discography

Solo projects

2008: Out on Bail

2009: In Custody

2012: Time Served

2014: The Art of Production

2015: The Trust Tape

2015: The Trust Tape 2

2016: The 38 Laws of Powder

2019: 5 Shots

2019: The 38 Strategies of Raw

2019: The Trust Tape 3

2019: 1994

Collaboration projects

2015: Cocaine Cowboys (with Benny The Butcher)

2018: Stabbed & Shot (with Benny The Butcher)

2018: In the Mob We Trust (with Joe Blow)

2018: Son of G Rap (with Kool G Rap)

Rasheed Chappell - Franchi$e

LEX – Fuhgged

This project compiles several loose tracks (mostly unreleased) with various producers. They were not recorded with the intention of going towards any specific project, but all fit a certain aesthetic. Lex had the idea of putting together Fuhgged for a while. When Bandcamp announced its impending fee-waiving dates, he decided that now was the time for him to finalize and release it. You know, because #fuhgged why not?

The tracks that stand out are Lo Down, Can't Believe, Boycott, Round Here ft. Apokalips & Chez, I Am Him, Drunken Monk Flow, Keep it, Leave It Alone, Speak Clear & DBAFHYWL.

You can hear tracks from the Fuhgged album at www.allthewaylivehiphop.com




Eff Yoo - Spicaso on Lockdown

Released May 1st, 2020 Spicaso on Lockdown is a 5-track EP by Eff Yoo. Spicaso on Lockdown has one guest feature by the Queens New Yorker. Day 17 features Spit Gemz.

The tracks that stand out are Day 1, Cusco Cocaine, Culo Muerto & Day 17

You can hear tracks from the Spicaso on Lockdown EP at www.allthewaylivehiphop.com


38 Spesh, is a recording artist, rapper and producer with well over a dozen solo and collaborative projects, including Time Served, Stabbed & Shot, and A Bullet for Every Heathen. The rapper and producer worked closely with fellow Upstate natives such as Benny the Butcher and Che Noir, and has recorded with influences including Kool G Rap, Ghostface Killah, Styles P, Jadakiss, Uncle Murda, AZ, and N.O.R.E. He has worked with several high-profile Hip Hop producers among the likes of DJ Premier, Pete Rock and Alchemist.

He began rapping in the early 2000s. He began making appearances on Sirius XM show Invasion Radio hosted by fellow Rochester native DJ Green Lantern. In 2006, he appeared on Alive on Arrival, a mixtape by early supporter and fellow Rochester product DJ Green Lantern.  in 2008 and was featured in XXL Magazine for his music in 2009. By the end of that decade, Spesh had headlined a couple Lantern-presented tapes

Shortly after his initial breakthrough, 38 Spesh spent two years incarcerated and was paroled to Atlanta, Georgia where he began to pursue a full-time career in music.

Following his release, the artist returned in 2012 with Time Served starting a constant dispersal of studio projects that continued through the end of the 2010s. Along with numerous solo releases, Spesh showcased artists on his TCF Music Group label with the Trust Tape series. On other releases, he was co-billed with Benny the Butcher such as “Cocaine Cowboys” and Stabbed & Shot as well as with Joe Blow “In the Mob We Trust” and can’t forget Kool G Rap the cross-generational “Son of G Rap”. Spesh closed out his second decade of activity with a handful of solo tapes highlighted by A Bullet for Every Heathen.



Rasheed Chappell & 38 Spesh - Ways & Means

Released May 1st, 2020 Ways & Means is a 7-track collaborative EP by Rasheed Chappell & 38 Spesh. The featured guests on this release are Planet Asia, Jamal Gasol, The Mualini & Che Noir. The entire EP is produced by 38 Spesh.

The tracks that stand out are Iron Head, Rules and Conduct, Trust, Wolves or Wool, Mutual Respect & Eye of the Storm.

You can hear tracks from the Ways & Means EP at www.allthewaylivehiphop.com