While constantly recording new music, Duck City Music released 16 tracks for the "Timbz And Hoodiez" MIXTAPE back in 2019. The mixtape consists of MCs CHJ (CookieHead Jenkins) and Ndakut over strictly Alchemist produced instrumentals. This project is sure turn heads, open ears, and gain new listeners and fans. To add a little extra flavor to this mixtape, Duck City Music reached out to Ty Nitty of The Infamous Mobb to host this project. Ty Nitty has himself rhymed over numerous Alchemist tracks.

DCM released #ThePathway MIXTAPE in May of 2020.

New Year's Eve 2020, Duck City Musi released their latest project #AtHomeOT, which was entirely produced by Philly producer, Ja Rajeem.

Childhood friends, CHJ and Ndakut, began making music years ago as Ndakut was DJing and CHJ was a young, hungry, aggressive MC. Both being Golden Era Hip Hop music...

Street da' Villan is known all over the globe. He has done plenty of live performances from upstate New York to California. he has an A+ delivery. He is a very versatile emcee. Either boom bap or trap he can hold his own lyrically, cosigned by every dj he's associated with whether its upstate or abroad.

TWrex Rapper from Dallas-Ft Worth TX, nominated for best Rap/Hip-Hop artist by the Dallas Observer in 2007.

Faith Walker contributes to this project with her soulful vocals after making waves with her self-titled debut album. The hits just keep coming.

ED DAV which is the acroym for: Explicit Dialect Damaging Amateurs Verbally. He's One of Hip-Hop's Watch Dogs and Gate Keepers. The Guyanese Born, Brooklyn And S. Carolina Raised and Now Atlanta Based Emcee/Rapper. This Gifted Lyrist and Producer Is A Lifelong Fanatic of The Culture and The Artforms Of Hip-Hop. His Catalog Is Filled with Boom-Bap Hip-Hop Classics That Will Only Be Enjoyed By Few, Because ED DAV Is One Of Hip-Hop's Best Kept Secrets.

Righteous who is known for curating real, raw, feel-good music authentic to Hip Hop and the culture.

720 MMG is 7Dubbz and Yog Westwood, who are OG’s in the game. They’ve straddled the test of time, while still making appealing music.

Will Gatz who is a rapper, singer, songwriter, residing from Boston, Massachusetts. Will Gatz is the creator of the hit underground EP series of projects called "Gas Mask". Will Gatz released his first official project "VINTAGE" in 2011, which had hit singles such as "Glow" and "Gatz 1 (Lines)". It was not until Late 2012 when Will Gatz released the aforementioned "Gas Mask" project's first installment, with the final project "Gm3" releasing November 2020. With Will Gatz' 90s, Golden era, old school style and influential meaning, Gatz hopes to engage his listeners to enjoy the original meaning of hip-hop, as opposed to talk of jewelry, possessions, and half-hearted actions.

After listening to volume 3 you are going to want to go back and listen to volume 2 and 1 as well.

Es x Pandamonium

Mondays- The Foundation - JayQuan

Tuesday- Boom Bap Only - G-Zon & Ronsha

Wednesday - HOP2THIS - DJ GrazzHoppa / Keep It Movin - DJ Droppa

Thursday - Pots & Pans - Snafu 76 aka G Spot

Friday - Faithful Fridays - Nat & Faith Walker

Saturday- The Administrator Presents - Righteous Allah

Sunday - The Mixtape Show - DJ Kawon




Pt II featuring Nite Clairvoyants


Faith Walker



featuring Craig G

Steppin Out!


The Single 






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#1 CMOIII featuring Lomel & Craig G produced by Ted ‘Measuring Man’ Onyszczak
       F. Foster (Socan), J. Trainor (BMI), C. Curry (Ascap) & T. Onyszczak (Socan)

 #2DWB featuring Es produced by Domingo
      F. Foster (Socan), E. Elango (Socan) & D. Padilla (Ascap)

      Comedy by Richard Pryor  and Cutz by DJ Mercilless

 #3Radios featuring G Dot & Born Edo G & Dominique Gorley Produced by DJ Corbett for Black Light Music
       F. Foster (Socan), A. Diaz (Ascap), E. Anderson (Ascap), C. Baez (Ascap) D. Gorley (Socan) M. Jules (BMI)

 #4 The Others featuring Eddie Kaine produced by Static Selektah
        F. Foster (Socan), E. Stackhouse (BMI) & P. Baril (Ascap)

       Speech by Marcus Garvey and Cutz by DJ Mercilless

 #5For the Love featuring Recognize Ali & Faith Walker produced by DJ Mercilless
        F. Foster (Socan), N. Adamafio (BMI), F. Walker (Socan) & M. Pompey (Socan)




Available on all platforms including Bandcamp

Produced by Domingo

​​​Listen To Me


Anniversary Edition

Produced by Clairvoyants









Cuts by

Pt III featuring Choclair (Remix) Produced by Slackah

Growing up in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York Kawon Jenkins has always been surrounded by music. As a kid Kawon watched his uncles rehearse with their band or he would sit around with his parents listening to their record collection of Gospel, Funk, Soul and Disco records. It wasn’t until the emergence of Hip-Hop when Kawon’s love for music went over the top. The beats and lyrics hypnotized him to the point of being obsessed with the culture.

Naturally Kawon got into deejaing when he was carrying record crates for one of his uncles to and from parties as a teenager. “My uncle had to take a bathroom break and told me to just throw on a record after this one ends. I threw a party track on and the crowd went crazy and started dancing, that’s when I knew I knew my DJ journey began.”That birthed DJ Kawon and the rest is history.

DJ Kawon now resides in Dallas, TX and still searches for the next record to break as the Program Director for the station and his weekly flagship radio show “The Mixtape Show” which can be heard every Wednesday night on DJ Kawon Radio and 5 other syndicated radio stations in the Atlanta, Dallas, New York, Miami & Houston markets. The two-hour show format is playing music and interviewing independent Hip-Hop and R&B artist which Kawon refers to as, “legends in the making.” The show has also been blessed to welcome “Golden Era Greats” such as Positive K, Dres of Blacksheep, Doodlebug of Digable Planets, Do It All of Lords Of The Underground, and Rampage Of The Flipmode Squad to name a few. The show averages 12-15 thousand listeners per month and is currently being developed into a television platform.

In 2018 DJ Kawon also launched his “DJ Kawon” mobile app, which includes the radio station, show archives, you tube videos of his interviews and much more. DJ Kawon can also be heard on Sunday evening on “The Chillout” Show, a more laid-back show that gets the listeners ready for the work week.

The grind doesn’t stop for Kawon as his journey of creating the “Go To” platform is going at a breakneck speed. “I’m always looking to give exposure to the indie artist who have a passion for Hip-Hop like I do.”

We Move Different is a lifestyle within our family and crew. What started as a casual conversation between myself and business partner T-Wrex the phrase “We Move Different” was birthed. Checkout our compilations that feature some of the hottest artist that have come through #Themixtapeshow.

We Move Different Volume III is dedicated to the memory of Faith Walker. It features 2 tracks from the legendary Father MC who achieved success in the early 1990s on the Uptown Records label.

TekForce an emcee, that has loved hip hop for as long as he can remember. Dedicated to making the best music he can, and keeping the movement consistent, while innovating at the same time.

Duck City Music  a hip-hop movement which originated in Rand, West Virginia. (The hometown of NFL Hall Of Famer Randy Moss. Rand University)


You are tuned in to Faithful Fridays

​​Tune in all day to a past episode of Faithful Fridays Live with guests Ammoye & Warrior Love Band. If you missed last week stay tuned for the amazing mix by DJ Kawon.

Tune in tomorrow at 1:00 pm tomorrow to the Administrator Presents and on Sunday to DJ Kawon & the Mixtape show!