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#1 CMOIII featuring Lomel & Craig G produced by Ted ‘Measuring Man’ Onyszczak
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 #2DWB featuring Es produced by Domingo
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      Comedy by Richard Pryor  and Cutz by DJ Mercilless

 #3Radios featuring G Dot & Born Edo G & Dominique Gorley Produced by DJ Corbett for Black Light Music
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 #4 The Others featuring Eddie Kaine produced by Static Selektah
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       Speech by Marcus Garvey and Cutz by DJ Mercilless

 #5For the Love featuring Recognize Ali & Faith Walker produced by DJ Mercilless
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Kidd Called Quest and Azariah started working together on Azariah’ Subject To Change LP back in 2006 Kidd Called Quest who was running with the name Jay Quest at the time and produced a large portion of the STC LP and the two have been working closely ever since. 

These two brothers always come together on some straight hip hop ish, as they both complement each other, Kidd Called Quest’s Boom Bap, & Azariah's quirky rhyme style go hand in glove. Quest pulls some of his best production using a lot of drum loops and some 70's 80's samples here along with drops from some of his favorite black movies. Azariah sounds ready to take on any challenger but breaks down his life and just generally rhyming, no trapping & tales of money stacked to the ceiling here, just good emceeing as Azariah just spits what's on his mind on Jay Quest's sonic landscape.

In an interview with they spoke about their journey through their career and how Young Black and Gifted was formed.

Tell us about your journey in the music scene?

Azariah: I’ve been grinding in music since 2005 when I released my first project The Chronicle. It was also my first time performing around Rochester and other Upstate NY areas like buffalo and Syracuse. I met Kidd Called Quest back then he was running with the name Jay Quest at the time. Quest came through one of the biggest shows I did up to that point at Milestones in Rochester now known as Flour City Station I believe. The landscape was different then there was social media but nothing like it is now. The biggest platform back then was Myspace. Facebook was still just for college students then. I felt that I had a good start early on I had management that help get me in some publications locally and help me get paid from my work and shows that I was doing. Quest produced a large majority of a project of mine titled Subject To Change we recorded that joint in 2006 and I released about a year or so later. We’ve been working ever since.

Kidd Called Quest: I’ve been making beats since 8th grade 2001 and been grinding since 2005. It all started with my first beat tape Jay-Quest Vs 9th Wonder. That tape helped me get my name out all over the western New York region. I was getting hits from artist all over and some international exposure. I remember it like yesterday when I first stepped out into the Rochester music scene in late 2005 as time went my music journey started getting busy I had my name circulating over the internet, in 2008/2009 I started knocking out my own compilations ect… Things was really starting to pick up. When I started my (Put Your Headphones) album. That project there helped me get out there even more that was around the time I got my first album placement with (Big Shug) on his “Other Side Of The Game” album. I started working with a lot of underground legends. In 2013 I was featured in the XXL and was going to get a actual feature in the magazine but I ended up in the hospital and couldn’t make that opportunity. In 2016 I fell back from doing projects and started to attend a lot of producer events in NYC and started getting my name more familiar with people down there I also started meeting a lot of legends. I can go on for days about the journey it’s still going.

How did you both get together to form the duo ‘Young Black & Gifted’ and how did you decide on the name?

Azariah:  We had a great chemistry from the early days. When I first met Quest he was in a group called Kicks and Snares with another artist/producer name Inno. Inno also contributed to my 2008 release Subject To Change sonically. When Inno decided to leave music alone for good after becoming a father Quest and myself worked more closely. Quest came up with the name and the idea of us being a collective. The first name Quest threw out there was Livin Proof but since it was brothas from the 90s running wit that he went back to the drawing board for YBG. I always knew when I link with quest it gonna be something special cuz we boys outside of the rap ish.

Kidd Called Quest: I remember it like yesterday when I first stepped out into the Rochester music scene, the first local hip hop show at an old venue back in the day Called Milestone. My man Inno asked me to come out with him funny thing is. I almost didn’t go out that night but it’s a good thing that night went the way it did. It was that same night I ended up meeting our guy Euphony. We built for a little after his performance and exchanged math and ended up linking up 2 weeks later. That same day we got up I ended up meeting Azariah we started building heavy he was in the middle of working on his (Subject To Change) Project that was in 2006. We just started to connect more and more and build, we started making mad music together and developed a solid relationship. After I dropped my first compilation album, I got up with Azariah and hit him with an idea I had of doing an actual project together. From there the first name I came up with was (Living Proof) we went by that for a little second before we switched to (Young Black And Gifted) after we found out someone else was already going by that name. We dropped our first album “Long Time Coming” in 2013.

Their new album “The Second Coming” is a great follow up to their 2013 release “Long Time Coming”. They also have a release from 2019 titles The Black Gift Album which is a must for any Hip-Hop lover to listen to.

Tune in all day to The Administrator Presents as Righteous interviews Azariah & Kidd Called Quest of Young Black and Gifted as well as play tracks from their catalog.




Tune in all day to The Administrator Presents as Righteous interviews Young Black and Gifted


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